T7 Sugar Beet Harvester

For many years, Thyregod has developed beet harvesters to work in many different conditions in many countries. This has made the T7 the unique and versatile recorder as it is today.

ThyregodT7 has been produced since the early 90’s and has since sold in a large number of pieces such as 2 and 3 series.
The machine comes with semi or full hydraulic transmission and 12 m3 roller tank.

The T7 is developed after, and can be specified to run under many different and demanding conditions.

The T7 can also be equipped with extra wide wheels to further reduce the field pressure.

Effective cleaning

Under the beet harvester is equipped with 2 large roulette which provides optimum cleaning of soil and stones – even at high speeds!

At the back of the T7 beet harvester a mini cleaning table can be mounted, which can include a steel roller and 2 revealing rubber rollers, which increase the separation of soil and stones.

Drive with the big ones

There are two sensors that run on either side of the row and ensure precise control of the machine – even in deep driving tracks. By default, the Automatic Side and Depth control is part of our T7 beet harvester.

As an option, the T7 beet harvester can be equipped with a joy stick, which can control the main functions of the machine: up / down, upwheel up / down, side and depth control, reading control, tank lift up / down, control disc up / down , the cleaning section and more!

The T7 is equipped as standard with the JT trimmer, which has proven its advantages over many seasons:
Precise trimming | Simple construction | Minimum wear parts | Low maintenance

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With the TT800 you get both width and strength in one machine.
The machine is supplied as 3 row and is equipped with a 12 m3 roller bottom tank.
With a transport width of only 3.1 m, road transport is no matter, and when opened in the field, it provides only minimal driving in the beets.

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The T-9 comes as 3 or 4 series and as standard with joy-stick control from which all functions can be operated.
The recorder section operates independently of the load bearing chassis.
The T-9 comes standard with a 14 m3 roller tank.
The Joy-Stick control allows the tractor driver to control the most important functions from the driver’s seat.

Technical data

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