Thyregod has for many years developed row cleaners for row crops, the TRV row cleaner today works in many different conditions around the world.

Thyregod supplies the market’s most modern row cleaner, which can be equipped with automatic row control via camera, as well as GPS controlled section control.

  • Highest quality materials
  • Elegant and stylish design
  • Extreme ground clearance at the boom (+60cm)
  • Adaptation to your wishes
  • Easy maintenance
  • Made in Denmark
Ekstreme ground clearance

The TRV frame is designed with an extremely large ground clearance of 80 cm.

Hydraulically sprung guide disc
Trafic light

The TRV cleaner can be equipped with traffic lights. The traffic light consists of LED lamps, sling lights and reflectors.

safety devices

The TRV row cleaners are equipped with a mechanical lock of the frame as standard. When the booms are folded up, the mechanical locks can be quickly put on, so you avoid the booms flipping out when driving on e.g. roads.

Frame and sections

The frame is specially constructed in such a way that the sections can be moved or replaced easily and quickly.

Hydraulic control disc
Support wheels
Sections lift
Seeding equipment
Stair for seeding equipment
3D camera
Mechanical row control
Quick movement of the teeth
Trafic light
* Ask your local dealer about all options for additional devices

Drive with precision

Thyregod Optical Lane Assistant

The TRV row cleaner is designed to use optical Vision Control control. This helps ensure accurate camera control
A specially made camera is attached to the Vision controll system. The camera contains 2 color cameras that photograph the plant rows. The camera usually looks for 2 rows, but this feature can be changed in the terminal, as desired. The information the camera captures is sent to the Terminal in the tractor, where they are then converted into movements on the cleaner. At the same time, the terminal keeps you informed.

Mechanical row steering

The mechanical row management system keys on the side of the crops in 2 different rows. The only thing that prevents the season’s length for weed control is the boom height, which is as much as 60-80cm!

Det mekaniske rækkestyringssystem taster på siden af afgrøderne i 2 forskellige rækker. Det eneste der forhindre sæsonens længde for ukrudtsbekæmpning er bommens højde, som er hele 60-80cm!

The size's of the TRV

TRV Swingking – POTATO = 3×3,5meter – 2x5meter – 3x5meter | TRV Swingking ALM 2x6meter – 1x12meter – 2x9meter


Build your sections according to your needs. The possibilities are endless!
* Ask your local dealer about all options for additional devices

outstanding performance

Since Thyregod’s establishment as a machine manufacturer back in 1918, we have employed, developed and serviced crop processing. Thyregod was one of the first manufacturers of mechanical weed control in the world.

Thyregid has with its know-how in stone collectors, beet harvesters, potato harvesters, beet cleaners and row cleaners made the best and most reliable Rad Cleaner to date which can even be equipped with a wealth of extension and accessory solutions!

The products come through a long checklist and settings list for testing before receiving the machine. This is your assurance of quality while being 99% ready when you receive the machine.


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