Thyregod has for many years developed row cleaners for row crops, the TRV inter-row cultivator today works in many different conditions around the world.

Thyregod supplies the market’s most modern row cleaner, which can be equipped with automatic row control via camera, as well as GPS controlled section control.


Our TIM Forage Wagon GSV40 + has an improved stabilization kit for the undercarriage. This makes the Forage Wagon much more stable to drive with!

tim gsv forage wagon


We can now present our brand new and updated Inter Row Cultivator, TRV 2.0 HD.

The news TRV 2.0 HD is equipped with an advanced and integrated side shift so you can now run over 3 rows on an updated and 43 % stronger version of the well-known TRV cleaner. The new model is produced in a 9 meter version (9 meter version can also be used as a 6 meter machine). Furthermore, the bearings in TRV 2.0 HD’s stabilizer slices have received 70 % greater carrying capacity.

When quality matters - since 1918

As a machine manufacturer since 1918 we have had many years to develop and fine tune our craftsmanship which is also reflected in our products


Own production factory in Denmark!


Our development department is located in the same production premises as our production. Development is most often done in collaboration with the users, the production and our development department.

Around the world

We supply agricultural machinery to all over the world. This is your assurance that our machines have been thoroughly tested in many different conditions!

Spare parts stock

We stock and / or produce our own spare parts.


Since our inception in 1918, we have continued the old craft. This is your guarantee of quality - every time!

Strong player

Thyregod's acquisitions of Tim Maskinfabrik and Kimadan have meant that today we offer a wide range of the well-known brands!