Combine the well-known TIM silage trailer and an exact cutter!


Tighten it after a tractor, use the exact cutter to load the GSV silage trailer - and then load another trailer next-by ....


Drive with over 43m3
- over 2 axles ..

Use the exact cutter together with the GSV silage trailer or deconnecting the exact cutter and use the silage trailer alone !!


The frontgate helps the specially developed hydraulic gear to get rid of the load!

The GSV40 and GSV58 are equipped with a powerful bumper. When working in the field, the locking bolts can be removed so that the bumper can freely swing in / out, as alternatively, hydraulic bumper can be supplied which follows the tailgate. The unloading takes place with 2 Kohlswa bottom chains. The chains are driven hydraulically by a center gearbox. This location halves the axle load. The unloading time is dependent on the amount of oil supplied by the tractor and the structure of the cut material, but in general, the reading time varies from 40 to 50 seconds.

At the GSV silage trailers, there are mounted working lights,
you can then work in the late evening hours.
The working light is mounted in the front of the trailer and lights into the trailer
and there is mounted 2 in the rear of the wagon
as possible this can be used for unloading ..


The trailer has a suspension bogie with hydraulic brakes on all wheels. The trailer is supplied as standard with co-operating rear axle.