Slurry Mixer
GyllemixerPlane mixers – Tower mixers – Height-adjustable tower mixers KIMADAN offers a wide range of tractor-coupled SLURRY MIXERS. The T35 PLANE MIXER is designed for slurry tanks and channels which are below ground level or have drive ramps. The TOWER MIXER is designed for agitation in storage tanks and deals effectively with all slurry layers, including floating layer and sediment. The propeller is specially constructed to give good thrust and thereby good agitation.A standard mixer will reach over a wall 2.5 m high. A version suitable for a wall height of 3.5 m is available to order.The HEIGHT-ADJUSTABLE TOWER MIXER is a flexible unit which can be adjusted to suit wall heights from 2.5 to 3.3 metres. This mixer is fully galvanised and able to withstand the wider variety of applications involved.See also product sheet KIMADAN MEGAMIXER

Power requirement:

60 hp
Weight: 175-650 kg
PTO: 540 r/min
Movable megamixer for slurry tanksGyllemixer The Megamixer is the most powerful mechanical mixer available on the market. As flexible as a hydraulic mixer. The mixer shaft is swivelled over the tractor cab into a transport lock. The point of shaft is bendable in a 55o arc, 20o down, 35o up from horizontal line. Standard equipment: Mechanical transmission, hydraulic valve assembly with 3 double acting functions; swivel turret, shaft up and down, propeller up and down. An additional hydraulic cylinder is fitted to stabilize the machine during operation.Furthermore, the megamixer is fitted with outside sprocket ring for swiviling. This assures extra stability and long durability. Due to the strong sprocket ring the megamixer can be delivered with a 8,3 m shaft (additional equipmet). Valves required on tractor: two double acting

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