Spreader hose

Optimum utilisation of slurry with Kimadan spreader hose systems

With the spreader hose system the farmer gains far more flexibility, and slurry can be applied precisely at the time at which it will give the best results. Increasingly severe environmental requirements, reduced nitrogen evaporation, less run-off and odour – these are some of the problems that can be eliminated with the Kimadan spreader hose system.

The Kimadan spreader hose system is available in 12 – 24 metre working widths.
The standard boom is fitted with 50 mm hoses and 50 mm discharge onto the distributor.
Hose spacing is 33 cm.


The spreader hose boom is of very robust design and is fitted with trapezoidal suspension which effectively compensates for the unevenness and shocks that can easily damage rigidly mounted booms. The trapezoidal suspension thus increases the operating life of the boom.
As standard, both spreader boom and distributor are hot-dip galvanised.
The system incorporates a hydraulic raising and lowering function so that the correct distance between hose outlets and soil surface can be maintained.


The Kimadan spreader system distributor is particular effective in three areas: capacity, cut-off efficiency, coefficient of variation. With 48 outlets and a working width of 16 metres, the coefficient of variation has been described as “good”. The analysis report from SJF, Bygholm, confirms this description.
The specially developed rotor gives the distributor a capacity of up to 6500 l/min. It has a very sharp, four-sided-ground knife that gives an impressive cut-off effect. Knife, perforated disc and rotor are easy to replace and thus bring down maintenance costs. The distributor incorporates a safety valve to ensure that the rotor stops when the top cover is opened. All important parts in the distributor are made of laser-cut, high-strength steel. A patent on the distributor has been applied for.The distributer can be fitted with section control – computer regulated closing of hoses.
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