Thyregod Stone Picker, is picking every stone!

Full hydraulic with a working width of 1500 mm

Working width from
10 - 20 cm.

The TS-1500 stone collector is equipped with a powerful feed roller, which guides the stones onto the 1500 mm wide front chains.

Front chains are supplied with dividing 28, 36 or 40. The chain rods are 11mm chain rods that give an opening of 17, 25 or 29 mm respectively. The division is chosen according to how small stones you want to have.The working depth varies from 10 - 20 cm. the elevator chain is 600 mm wide.

Where the stones are raked together in rattles, a very high capacity is seen - up to 1 tonne per minute. All functions are hydraulic and ensure a smooth operation.

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