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The Thyregod company has developed beet cleaner loaders for many years and our
products work in many different conditions. The experience we have gained from
this, we have built into our new TR9 Cleaner- Loader.

This has resulted in a
machine with a previously unknown capacity, combined with the gentle cleaning
our previous products are known for.

The TR9 cleaner loader is mounted with a 10 m3 feeder tank with a large opening, which gives an easy loading.

The sidegate is hydraulically adjustable in heigth, thereby providing the opportunity to either unload directly into the cleaner loader with a trailer, or load in the traditional way with a loading-machine. A 1500 mm wide feeder web with 3 rubber belts mounted with strong catchers and stone traps gives a high feeding capacity onto the cleaningsystem.

The cleaning system consists of the 1.st cleaning table with 8 rubber rollers (1300 mm) and 3 reversing steelrollers which provide never previously seen cleaning..

Furthermore the cleaning table is equipped with a feederweb, which ensures a constant flow on the cleaning table, and thereby providing a high capacity (max. 250 ton/h).


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The 2nd table is equipped with steel rollers, that work in pairs thereby dragging rubbish and clay out of the machine.

The steel rollers reverse automatically if a stone is trapped between the rollers.

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TR9 is as standard equipped with central greasing of all relevant bearings and a 550 l fuel tank.All functions on the TR9 are operated with a remote control, but can also be operated on the control panel on the machine. A 4 cyl. turbocharged 86 Kw John Deere diesel engine is providing sufficient energy for the strong transmission with 4 hydraulic pumps.