GSV Häckselwagen

40 / 43 / 58 / 62 m3

Thyregod (und noch früher; Tim) entwickelt und produziert seit vielen Jahren Wagen zum Entfernen von Gras und Mais, unter anderem für Silage.

Heute arbeitet GSV Häckselwagen unter vielen verschiedenen Bedingungen, bei denen nur Qualität, Effizienz und Zuverlässigkeit die Schlüsselwörter sind. Diesen Faktoren wussten unsere Wagen gerecht werden zu können.

Mit unseren sorgfältig ausgewählten Achsen und Stabilisierungsstabilisatoren sind die Wagen unter allen Bedingungen äußerst stabil.

tim gsv forage wagon

Most modern Forage Wagons

The GSV forage wagons are built with the object of being able to drive from a cutter or a collector in the best possible way. Every time!

The strongest wagons

All chassis are built in 6mm high-strength steel, which helps to give the cars their well-known strength and low dead weight.
The GSV wagons are equipped with a powerful double-acting hydraulic support foot on the suspended drawbar. The pull is adjustable in height.

You can now add a hydraulic superstructure if necessary. with roller or fixed pressing. The superstructure can be moved up and down with hydraulics


GSV 40 / GSV40 + is equipped with a leaf-sprung bogie shaft as standard and is co-steering. Our extra stable stabilization kit can be selected, which makes it extremely stable to drive with, both in the field and on the road!

GSV 58 / GSV58 + is equipped as standard with a fully hydraulic tridem undercarriage where the front and rear axles can be forcibly controlled automatically or manually.

tim gsv forage wagon

Fast unloading

The frame on our GSV Forage wagons / Silage trailers is conical with 80mm which ensures an easy and problem free unloading.
Our “+” models are equipped with a tiltable front end which helps to “push” on the load when unloading.
At the rear of the wagons, we have mounted new and better oil engines which, together with a 70mm axle, ensure extra power is available for unloading.
Hydraulic lock on the tailgate is standard on the GSV 58.

The unloading takes place with 2 Kohlswa 74 bottom chains.
The chain is hydraulically driven by the center gearbox.
The GSV exit trolleys are also equipped with a hydraulic folding bumper, which works automatically with the tailgate


High visibility

Our forage wagons / silage trailers as standard Tail lights, dash lights, side markings and position lights are all of the LED type, which both have a longer service life, but also provide greater visibility in traffic. The GSV wagons are both equipped with work lights inside the box, at the top of the headboard, and taillights. All to make the long days secure!


Volume content that does not set the limit

GSV40 = 40m3 / GSV40 can be expanded with extra deep tailgate which gives + 3m3 more space and co-pushing forearm that helps to push on the load when unloading.

GSV58 = 58m3 / GSV58 with extra deep rear bib which gives + 3m3 more space and co-pushing bib that helps to push on the load when unloading.


Electronic control

The GSV 58 Forage wagon is controlled via a control box in the tractor which is equipped with a joystick and rocker buttons for quick and efficient operation of all the trolley's functions.
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