Thyregod verfügt über langjährige Erfahrung in der Entwicklung und Herstellung von Steinsammlern. Diese Erfahrung, die in enger Zusammenarbeit mit unseren Kunden entstanden ist, bauen wir in unsere neuen Maschinen ein. Der Steinpflücker ist hydraulisch angetrieben, was ein störungsfreies Fahren und eine längere Lebensdauer ermöglicht. Die Doppelpumpe arbeitet auf Basis der Zapfwelle des Traktors (450-480 U / min). Die Steine werden von der vorderen Kette über einen breiten vorderen Einsatz aus 20 mm Spezialstahl transportiert.
thyregod stensamler steinsammler stone collector picker

Be seen on country roads

The machine is equipped with statutory traffic lights of the LED type and approved reflectors.

The models for France are equipped with statutory boards as seen in the picture.

The long elevator is built up in 3 sections and can be folded during transport (2460 mm). The lift is unfolded and unfolded via the control box from the tractor.

A really strong construction

TS1500 Stone Collectors are constructed in high quality steel from Swedish SSAB and are built to handle the tasks of hard tar worldwide.

The cleaning table which sorts the soil from the stones is made in 3 different versions with chain division of 28 – 36 – 40, where we recommend for potato part. 40 on the front and part. 36 to the rear.
The chain is also hydraulically drawn.
An upper chain (not shown in the picture) is fitted which acts as a safety chain that protects against stones flying around in the air, at the same time giving the chains a good visual view of what is happening on the cleaning table compared to if the machine was completely closed to .

thyregod stensamler steinsammler stone collector picker

Electrically hydraulically controlled

The TS1500 stone collector is fitted as standard with an electric hydraulic valve block for full remote control from the tractor.
The functions of the stone collector are controlled with a box in the tractor which is equipped with user-friendly joysticks and rocker buttons.
The stone collector has its very own oil tank and oil cooler.

The carrier on the elevator is divided in the middle and goes all the way to the side plates. It prevents stone jams on the elevator and wear on side plates. The support roller on the return side runs in the middle of the chain.


High capacity

Where the stones have previously been torn together into strips, for example with our stone rake, a very high capacity is seen – up to 1 ton per minute.

The working depth of the stone collector can be steplessly adjusted via a spindle with handles and can be adjusted down to 300 mm


Insertion roller

Thyregod stone collectors are provided with a spring-loaded feed roller 600 mm in diameter. The roller is hydraulically drawn. The roller causes a constant flow into the machine, where there is some plant growth in the field.

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