SDH Straw Distribution Harrow

Thyregod has for many years developed accessories for agriculture, where the SDH strawdistribution harrow is the latest shot on the trunk.

Thyregod supplies the market’s most modern harrow, which can be equipped with sowing equipment so you can set crops at the same time as you sow the soil.

Exterior Design feauters

outstanding performance

Since Thyregod’s establishment as a machine manufacturer back in 1918, we have employed, developed and serviced crop processing.

With its know-how in stone collectors, beet harvesters, potato harvesters, beet cleaners and row cleaners, Thyregod has made the best and most reliable straw harrow till date which can even be equipped with a wealth of extension and accessory solutions!

The products come through a long checklist and settings list for testing before receiving the machine. This is your assurance of quality while being 99% ready when you receive the machine.


Drive with the elite


Hydraulic adjustment of harrows
Integrated boom and support feet
Traffic light
Built to last


Take a peek inside the world of Thyregod TRV Cultivator


Your SDH harrows view of the World


Thyregod products are known for your high quality and therefore there is also great demand for used machines from us.

Prompt Support and parts

During our business hours, our staff is ready to help you with any questions about your new machine. And don't worry, even if questions and / or issues arise outside of our normal business hours, we can always be contacted on our watch phone. If, for any reason, you break with your machine or many new parts, our spare parts warehouse is ready to help you.