TIM Dumper Trailer

TIM has for many years developed and produced quality wagons. Today, the TIM wagons are quite a Thyregod. Today, Tim Tipvognene works under many different conditions worldwide.

Thyregod supplies the market’s most reliable wagons.

Tim 15.5 ton dumper trailer model 155/85 is built over the well-known profile-bent chassis.
Two tipping cylinders ensure great stability and increased lifting power. Large smooth inner sides ensure easy reading, while having a tipping angle up to 63 degrees.

To provide a stable ride and relieve both trailer and tractor from the often extreme conditions, the trailer is equipped with a suspended drawbar, as well as a bogie with powerful leaf springs

The construction trolley can be delivered with a Norwegian tailgate. The sides are made of 8 mm steel plates, and the bottom of 10 mm.

For evt. utilization as a grain wagon, the wagon can be delivered with 70 cm. grain pages.

10 ton dumper trailer

The 10 ton construction wagon is equipped with a bogie with leaf springs, which ensures a calm and smooth ride, thereby relieving the wagon and tractor. The axles are reinforced 70 x 70 mm axles and both axles are fitted with brakes. The trolley is delivered with hydraulic Norwegian tailgate with manual lock. The sides are made of 4 mm steel and the bottom in 6 mm hardox. Smooth sides and a tip angle of 63 degrees ensure easy reading. The trolley is equipped with a mechanical support foot and mounted with Trelleborg 520/50 R x 17 wheels.

A loading height of 1.10 m makes the wagon particularly suitable for use by municipalities and horticulture, where a low loading height is required.

The trolley is also suitable for transporting mini loaders and mini excavators.

15.5 ton construction vehicle

has as standard hydraulic support foot, sprung drawbar and hydraulic tailgate that can be locked in the desired position. As standard, the trailer is equipped with De Molen retreaded trailer wheels, 425/65 R x 22.5, but other types can be offered. The axles are powerful 100 x 100 mm and there are brakes on all wheels


TIM Tipper trailers are built to match many different wheel sizes and tire types.